HDNL Warehouse Staff with Sticky Fingers?

It came to light after a tribunal involving two Birmingham employees and Home Delivery Network that when parcels are returned to the centre damaged, if the contents are chocolates or sweets they can get shared out amongst the warehouse staff! A case of ‘sticky fingers’ or what!? The full details are here.

When a warehouse supervisor and his supervisor were sacked following accusations from fellow employees of taking other items from packages, HDNL failed to perform a proper investigation and the judge for the tribunal had to declare it a case of unfair dismissal. The pair ended up with a combined payout of £64,457 in compensation.


HDNL Lost 77 Bikes in One Day!

We all know the Home Delivery Network lose parcels. Most delivery companies have done on rare occasions but this has to be some sort of record. HDNL lost 77 bicycles from one company… in one day!

The bikes were discovered two weeks later in the corner of their sorting office (that must of been an enormous corner!) but it was the final straw for JE James Cycles based in Yorkshire. They had given HDNL 2 months worth of business sending out 120 parcels a day, before ditching them for their gross mistakes. More info is available here from Mr.Daz.

Yodel Marketing Wants to be Google?!

In a report which I can only describe as laughable, the marketing team for Home Delivery Network want their new Yodel brand name to be used as a verb like Google. See the full story here.

Actually, I think its a brilliant idea. The word with a thousand uses, such as:

  • I have just stepped in a huge pile of Yodel
  • The smell of Yodel was overpowering
  • It was such a bad case of the Yodel’s I almost Yodelled Yodel all over the Yodel house wall

HDNL Employee Stealing Parcels for 19 Months!

Have any of your parcels mysteriously disappeared while in the hands of Home Delivery Network? Well perhaps it could have been an employee of their Norwich depot who had been stealing packages for 19 months before being found out and arrested!

It seems he had a thing for Argos products HDNL were supposed to be delivering. He stole them and put them up for sale online.

He was given a 16 month prison sentence, but the real question is ‘How did he get away with stealing packages for 19 months without HDNL spotting they weren’t there?’. Surely the intended recipients complained about not receiving the items so were their complaints simply ignored? That sounds familiar.

He was ordered under the Proceeds of Crime Act to pay £1750 within six months or serve 45 days in prison on top of his 16 month sentence. In the end he received a confiscation order totalling over £1,500. Lets hope they didn’t use Home Delivery Network to pick the confiscated items up, or goodness knows where they might be!

Read the full story here and follow up here.

HDNL Driver Gets Sacked for Public Urination

One of HDNLs drivers got sacked for urinating up the side of his van when he was caught short during his deliveries. He did this while in full view of the public so when a woman complained to the company they investigated. He admitted the offence and was promptly dismissed.

The interesting thing is that the driver considered this illegal behaviour quite normal and filed for unfair dismissal! He blamed the company for cramming too many deliveries into too short a time so drivers had to take emergency breaks like this. The tribunal agreed that urinating up your employers van with their logo and name printed in huge letters on the side did not make the company look very good. Personally, I think HDNL have been taking the… <cough> urine <cough> for years!

The full story is here.


I have ordered many, many items from Play.com without a problem as they always previously used Royal Mail. If I was not in I could easily walk to the local sorting office and pick my parcels up. Easy. However, my last order was sent out using Home Delivery Network (HDNL) who have shown nothing but incompetence.

The first I knew they had my parcel was a card through the door when I got home from work. I rang them and after spending 14 minutes on hold (an extra £1.40 in their pockets) I explained that I could not be home during normal working ours as I myself work. The irony of calling yourself ‘Home Delivery Network’ when you only deliver during working hours seems lost on them. Their nearest depot was a 70 mile round trip away so that was not an option – certainly not for what the item was worth. They could however deliver to an alternative location so I gave them my workplace address. Sadly they couldn’t deliver it until 6 days later due to a bank holiday.  I am still not quite sure why it would take so long but then I had no choice.

Six days went by and no parcel at work. When I got home I found another card through my door. I rang up again, waited on hold, and explained their mistake which they admitted to and apologised. “Fare enough”, I thought, “anyone can make a mistake”. I was promised it would arrive the next day at my workplace. The next day came and yet again they tried to deliver it to my home address! I rang up and they were still apologetic and couldn’t explain why they kept making mistakes but promised it for the following day. The following day still showed no sign of the parcel. Another phone call (and wait on hold) later and they said it had been marked as ‘Urgent‘ and ‘Must be delivered today‘ but the system indicated it hadn’t been put into the van that day! They had no explanation and the person on the phone couldn’t believe what had happened either.

I am currently trying to cancel the order with Play.com as I have had to purchase the item from elsewhere. I will NEVER buy from any company now who uses Home Delivery Network. They have wasted too much of my time and have proven to be completely useless.


Hello, and welcome to the New HDNL review site – Hopeless Deliveries Neglected and Lost. This blog is here to inform and hopefully prevent new customers experiencing the hell that is Home Delivery Network.

Are they the worst courier company in the world? I think so – and there is some pretty tough competition out there.

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