Yodel on CCTV – Oops!

Just saw this linked on Mr Daz’s site and had to show it here too. It just goes to show the care that Yodel show for their customers property!

Good luck to PaulDRidley and his claim against Yodel.


BEWARE: Collect+ (CollectPlus) Are Part of Yodel!

I am currently in the middle of my first experience with Collect+ (http://www.collectplus.co.uk). I ordered something from an eBay seller who chose to use them to deliver the item. I looked up the Web site and it all looked good. They collect from local shops all over the country and can deliver to them too if necessary for people who work during the day and cannot wait in for 12 hours at a time waiting for a parcel. A great idea… if it worked.

Sadly the parcel didn’t arrive when expected so I contacted the seller asking if they had a tracking number. They checked and the Collect+ system said the parcel had been delivered at 22:50 two days previously! No it hadn’t. This rang alarm bells and I instantly thought ‘are these people Yodel?’. Well it turns out they are. CollectPlus is a joint venture between PayPoint and Yodel so it should be no surprise that the driver had LIED about delivering the parcel on their tracking system.

I have now sent the information to Collect+ and got the eBay seller to also contact them too (after all it was his money they took and he is their direct customer). We are awaiting their response and I will update this story when I get more information. I just hope it isn’t Yodel’s customer service who end up with the contact emails.

Just as a side note, they are breaking the Nominet domain name rules. Their domain is registered to ‘Fiona Wood‘ and says they are trading as ‘Drop and Collect Ltd‘. It also says ‘The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service‘. This is not true. They are a trading company and so should not hide their domain registration details – unless of course they are trying to disguise who they really are to get away from the bad press. After all, they changed from Home Delivery Network Ltd to Yodel to escape the awful online reviews and horror stories. It hasn’t worked. For those interested, Collect+ is a trading name for ‘Drop and Collect Limited’ who are registered with Companies House as:  DROP & COLLECT LIMITED, 54 CLARENDON ROAD, WATFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND, WD17 1DU – Company No. 06593233

Update 5th Dec: Well, it turns out that there is a glitch in the Collect+ system so when a parcel is scanned in at the depot, it flags it as having been delivered. What a great way to cause a panic for your customers. Of course, we didn’t find this out from an emailed reply – we had to phone up, at which point they said the parcel should come on Monday. On Sunday afternoon they tried to deliver it (yes – a Sunday afternoon!) but of course I wasn’t in and wasn’t expecting it. Luckily a neighbour took it in and Yodel actually put a card through my door. You heard me right… I got a card through my door for a failed delivery from Yodel! I also got a reply to my email from Collect+ on Monday (after the parcel had been delivered) but with no explanation of their glitch.

Anyway, I have nice neighbours so I now have my parcel.

How Hard is it to Leave a Card, Yodel?

I ordered something a couple of weeks ago from TheBookPeople who offer some fantastic deals on books. They used to deliver using DHL which were okay (in as far as I hadn’t had a problem with them). Of course, this was before Yodel/HDNL took over the domestic part of DHL. Now Yodel deliver their goods so it looks like I won’t be using them again. A serious shame as their prices are excellent.

Anyway, I got the parcel tracking number in an email from TheBookPeople so I looked up its progress. To my surprise (although I should know better by now) Yodel’s system said they had tried to deliver it but nobody was in so they left a card. There was no card. My house is easy to find on a residential street with a clearly marked number. If I hadn’t been emailed the consignment number by TheBookPeople I would never have been able to look it up or find out they had tried to deliver it (if they actually did). I used the contact form on the Yodel site to send a message to them asking where my parcel was and what I should do next because no card had been left with instructions. I never did get a response. This rediculously poor lack of communication bugs the hell out of me. It wouldn’t have taken someone 2 minutes to drop me an email just updating me on the parcels progress but nobody at Yodel could be bothered.

A couple of days later the parcel was delivered to my neighbour. Still no card through my door explaining this but luckily I have nice neighbours who watched out for my arrival back home and popped the parcel round. Just another Yodel experience to add to the list [sigh].