Quote of the Week: “the most pathetic excuse for a courier on the planet”

Like many companies who expected Yodel to deliver their Christmas orders, Brew Dog were badly let down. It wasn’t only Yodel in their case, but James Watt (co-founder of Brew Dog) sums up their experience brilliantly in his blog: “The first disaster was Yodel. Perhaps the most pathetic excuse for a courier on the planet. Shipments were lost, left in gardens, hidden in sheds, stolen from or damaged more frequently than they were delivered”. They were then of course left to deal with the massive amount of complaints from customers which their own customer services just could not cope with. He adds, “despite the fact we have changed courier have still been dealing with the legacy issues of Yodel’s incompetence.

Even Royalty (almost) have felt the curse of Yodel. The family run party company ‘Party Pieces’ where Pippa Middleton (sister of Princess Kate) works had to apologise to customers who weren’t receiving their deliveries before Christmas according to an article at the London Evening Standard. They also mention a tweet from Channel 4 newsreader Cathy Newman who said, “Given up on Amazon completely since they started using Yodel. Awful firm“. In another desperate attempt to make the figures sound good, Jonathan Smith (chief executive of Yodel) said that in the week leading up to Xmas 2 million parcels were delivered, with 999 parcels in every 1000 delivered before the end of Christmas Eve. Ignoring the fact that presents which still need to be wrapped and given to their intended recipients arriving last thing on Christmas Eve doesn’t help anyone, this still equates to 20,020 parcels which weren’t delivered when they should have been. Over 20 thousand parcels failed to be delivered in one week! No matter what ‘spin’ Mr. Smith puts on it, that is terrible for any courier.

Yodel made it to the semi-finals of Bitterwallet’s ‘Worst Company 2011‘ competition where they were just pipped at the post by ‘Talk Talk’ (51.6% of the votes compared to 48.4% for Yodel). In the quarter finals they were pitted against Tesco in the public vote where Yodel got an overwhelming 1,313 votes compared to Tesco’s 443.


Yodel Christmas Parcels Lost and Delayed – The Sun

The Sun newspaper featured a story on Xmas Eve about the huge amount of anger Yodel had managed to create from people expecting parcels that just weren’t being delivered.

It seems Yodel were so overrun with complaints and people calling their customer support lines that even some of their biggest customers couldn’t get through. Amazon sent this message to a customer of theirs who was chasing up their missing delivery:

“We can’t get through to Yodel to find out what is happening with your package… This has been happening a lot with them recently.”

Here’s an idea for you Amazon, why not drop Yodel like the steaming waste of space they are and choose an alternative delivery company? The number of customers signatures on those petitions asking you to do just that is growing by the day.

Another nameless company who use Yodel for their deliveries had this to say about them:

“We have an unbelievable amount of parcels going missing, the customer service is non-existent and we have suffered delays in deliveries of up to 11 days…  This isn’t just odd parcels but whole collections (hundreds of parcels).”

The full story is on The Sun website.
Some of the comments are well worth looking at too as readers share their own experiences. Funniest of all are some of the comments from drivers working for Yodel. They really do think that we should be paying delivery charges and then be grateful if our package arrives several days after we have lost a day’s wage waiting in for it. Or better still, pay to have it delivered and then have to go and collect it ourselves from the depot. What are we paying for again?