More Yodel Video Goodies

A couple more Yodel videos available on YouTube here.

This first one shows the care taken when delivering a package! At least it looks like the delivery guy wrote out a card explaining where the parcel is. I hope he wrote, “Parcel thrown over gate so it hit the soaking wet concrete from 6 feet”.

This one is identified by the uploader as being filmed at a Yodel depot. It demonstrates a wonderful way to sort peoples parcels.

EDIT: Just found another one from The People newspaper. They have footage of the wonderful parcel sorting process which went on at Yodel’s Harold Wood depot in East London.


Someone at Yodel Likes iPods?

Picture this… you receive a box delivered by Yodel and you find two parcels stuffed inside addresses to other people! The two iPod Nano’s that were supposed to be in there were gone. The only place this curious mix of parcels could have been repackaged is at the delivery depot.

Do you call the Police to inform them of the theft? This lady did but they won’t investigate until the companies who sent the package get in touch to confirm the contents have been stolen. But don’t worry, Yodel say they will look into the possibility of maybe investigating if they see the need. Read the full story so far here.