BBC Watchdog Revisit Yodel – Have they improved? No.

BBC Watchdog have done a follow-up story about Yodel after investigating complaints in 2010 – before they changed their name from Home Delivery Network.

“We receive angry emails and letters almost every day”, Watchdog reports.

When you are a customer waiting in all day for an expensive item to be delivered it is frustrating when the delivery company loses it. If the replacement item also goes missing and you have already made 26 phone calls to Yodel (using their money-making phone number) you tend to lose faith. Now consider those items aren’t little boxes or parcels, but WASHING MACHINES! It happened to someone who complained to Watchdog.

Another customer experienced the worryingly common Yodel trick where the driver says a delivery has been made and signed for when the customer knows it hasn’t. Normally it is their word against yours and Yodel never side with the paying customer. However, this customer provided CCTV footage of the driver arriving with two parcels… and leaving with two parcels. It still took Yodel a month to act on the complaint.

Yodel on CCTV

More CCTV footage from a customer shows Yodel ‘delivering’ an XBox 360 by throwing it over a 7 foot gate. Nice.

Yodel on CCTV again

The full story and Yodels laughable boilerplate reply is here: