BBC Watchdog Revisit Yodel – Have they improved? No.

BBC Watchdog have done a follow-up story about Yodel after investigating complaints in 2010 – before they changed their name from Home Delivery Network.

“We receive angry emails and letters almost every day”, Watchdog reports.

When you are a customer waiting in all day for an expensive item to be delivered it is frustrating when the delivery company loses it. If the replacement item also goes missing and you have already made 26 phone calls to Yodel (using their money-making phone number) you tend to lose faith. Now consider those items aren’t little boxes or parcels, but WASHING MACHINES! It happened to someone who complained to Watchdog.

Another customer experienced the worryingly common Yodel trick where the driver says a delivery has been made and signed for when the customer knows it hasn’t. Normally it is their word against yours and Yodel never side with the paying customer. However, this customer provided CCTV footage of the driver arriving with two parcels… and leaving with two parcels. It still took Yodel a month to act on the complaint.

Yodel on CCTV

More CCTV footage from a customer shows Yodel ‘delivering’ an XBox 360 by throwing it over a 7 foot gate. Nice.

Yodel on CCTV again

The full story and Yodels laughable boilerplate reply is here:


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14 Responses to BBC Watchdog Revisit Yodel – Have they improved? No.

  1. Nel says:

    Hi, I am experiencing HDNL “service”. They are a complete waste of time. When my package did not arrive on the day it should have, I checked the “track your package” on Amazon and the comment was: attempted delivery (they even advised Amazon that a card was left). After I waited another day, HDNL had updated the “track your package” site with: incorrect address??
    HDNL are the worst courier company I ever have dealt with.

  2. Adam says:

    Hi, I have experienced the worst service ever, I ordered some gym equipment via Argos Outlet on Ebay, the delivery company used is Yodel! I recieved a tracking number on the 14th June. Which I watched everyday and even today it is still in Yodel Northampton Service Center. So When they tried to deliver twice on the 21st and 22nd June I was surprised so I called and arranged for the item to be delivered on the 26th June. I was out on Sunday the 24th June got back to find another card saying we have tried to deliver. So Monday morning I phone to complain and say is it still booked for the 26th June. I am told yes it will be here, however during the day I check my email and Argos are refunding my item due to 3 failed deliveries! So i have wasted a day off for items that would never have arrived. Phoned Yodel and spoke with Shannon, asking for compensation and that I want a call today from a manager. No call back! I have also sent 3 emails and they have never called back. I have wasted 40 plus mins on hold to there 10p per min line.
    Yodel are the worst company I have ever dealt with, it will actually put me off buying things online if Yodel is delivering it.

  3. louise says:

    ordered some trainners on thursday and paid for 24hr courier,i got the tracking from the supplier and at 2.15pm it states parcel delivered.well i dont know who its been delivered too because it wasnt me and only the sender can view the signature.
    ive been trying for days to get some answer but yodel is a waste of time and the supplier is saying they will check but tracking there end states its been delivered.
    looks like im out of pocket all because of yodels delivery driver,dont know what to do now

  4. stuart says:

    Absolutely rubbish service, missed a delivery and tried to arrange a collection, after being on hold for 30 minutes i was informed the parcel was accidentally returned to the supplier. After a week of trying to locate the parcel, it turns out it’s been at the depot all along. Yodel you are a disgrace, 10p per min customer service line is just a way to generate more cash. Think about it the worse customer service they give the more money they earn.

  5. Jayk says:

    Amazon used them to deliver a vacuum cleaner – left outside, no card left… so nicked. Amazon replaced and sent by ParcelForce.

    There must be a smarter way to embarass them into improving (or, preferably, helping them to go bust).

    a) Shame the companies that use them (since Yodel obviously have no shame) – e.g. Amazon, Dabs etc.

    b) Find out why these companies use Yodel, and convince them otherwise. I guess it is either a) they are cheaper than the rest, or b) they give bribes and backhanders. Ask the companies to do some stats to find out if Yodel really do work out that cheap, when you take into account the cost of replacing goods, dealing with complaints etc.

    c) The shady Barclays Brothers are behind Yodel (and in fact one Barclay family member is on the board) – surely bad publicity could be targeted at them?

    d) suggest that other companies put a logo e.g “Guaranteed not to use Yodel” on their site

    If it IS because Yodel are so cheap, it does make one wonder what the price difference is.

    Another example of how ‘Private businesses face too much red tape’ does not apply in every case – bring back ParcelForce !!!

  6. Mike in Letcombe (easy to find) says:

    I have been waiting all week for Yodel to deliver a parcel (expensive camera) from Pixmania, however they state they have tried to deliver three times but ‘…can’t find the address’. Why not? I’m not exactly in the middle of nowhere; everyone else can find the address! Have made many phone calls to them, but just fobbed off with lies or promises. Still no camera.

    However, I have used ‘’ and they give a freephone number for Yodel – so no £0.10p per minute trick there! The number is 0800 157 777 if anyone else wants to avoid paying their rip-off charge / racket.

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  8. Rachel says:

    They’re the most useless delivery company I’ve ever come across. They’ve now allegedly tried 6 times to deliver the parcel (although on 5 occasions they didn’t leave a card so I’m not convinced they atually did try to deliver it). They’ve tried to convince me that I live in an access controlled block of flats, that the driver can’t find the house (Royal Mail manage to find it daily without difficulty) and that the address on the package is imcomplete. They’ve offered me a selected delivery time that they won’t guarantee and have subsequently told me that even though the webste says they deliver up to 9pm to domestic addresses, actually that’s not the case. Having cleared up all the misunderstandings, I’ve told 4 different people on 4 separate occasions that leaving it with a neighbour is fine, but they can’t manage that either. I arranged a re-delivery date (for delivery attempt no 7) and the parcel has never left the depot since that call. I’ve now given up and am going to the depot to collect it.

    I’ve never come across such utter incompetence.

    I’ve submitted 3 written complaints because they won’t let you speak to anyone in person, but have had no response suggesting they either have so many they can’t cope or they don’t care. Neither of those is good. This isn’t a service, it’s money making racket.

  9. Kate in Birmingham says:


    You know, I could understand maybe having missed the doorbell if it happened to coincide with something, but cards don’t generally vanish into thin air.

    Lying, incompetent “delivery service”…

    Here’s hoping I can get hold of the parcel in time for Christmas >.<

  10. cynthiahouseham says:

    I am a grandma and pensioner who ordered my grandchildrens presents on ebay .The seller says that the tracking asys thay have been delivered by Yodel ,they haven’t .The seller says that there is not much more he can do .What can I do >I cannot afford to buy more presents ,I am truly stressed out

  11. anelca says:

    useless people. They left me a card saying my parcel had been left in a “safe place” which was written as 2 upside down Vs……apparently this was the number 11. Never in a million years would I have made the connection.
    When I tried to contact #yodel using the reference number on the card the website and phone service couldn’t recognise it. I had to ask the company from whom I brought the goods from to track down where it had gone.

  12. sanj amrith says:

    still useless, had a parcel due for delivery yesterday (30/12/14) wasnt delivered and now being told friday! (2/01/15) no one seems to be able to give me a straight answer

  13. simon says:

    another two years and there still seem’s to be no improvement, in the last month they have supposedly been trying to deliver some packages at least 8 times in total and they haven’t found the front door, and we where in all the time they supposedly tried

  14. says:

    Yodel are just thieves. They say they’ve left a card whiles am at home waiting for about 12 occasions and I NEVER received any card what so ever

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