Yodel Driver Jailed for Fake Kidnapping & Stealing Over 200 Parcels

A Yodel delivery driver faked his own kidnapping in order to steal 205 parcels from his van. What makes this even worse is that this was in the run up to Christmas so many where most likely presents and gifts.

Yodel Thief23 year old Mark Pennington wasted 100 hours of police time, and that of an ambulance which was called to the scene, as well as taking an officers time away from a rape case and keeping the only dog handler in the area busy looking for two fictitious thieves. He was jailed for 32 weeks.

It was estimated that he and an accomplice stole around £13,000 worth of parcels before he crumbled under questioning and admitted to the police that he made the whole thing up. Only about 100 of the 205 parcels contents were identified, which also begs the question – how come Yodel weren’t able to tell where the other parcels came from in order to find out what their contents were? Is their tracking that bad?

We are used to Yodel delivery drivers making up fake tales of delivering parcels, but this was a whopper! The full story is in the Chorley Guardian.


Do You Use Yodel? Then You Won’t Get My Business

I got really annoyed a while ago by businesses not disclosing who they will use to deliver my online purchases. I sincerely believe it is because they know many customers will shop elsewhere if they discover that they use Yodel to deliver their goods – and rightly so.

I decided it might be useful to create a badge which any Website can use to show their potential customers that their packages WILL NOT be couriered by Yodel (and I use the term ‘couriered’ – not ‘delivered’). I’d forgotten all about it until a comment from Jayk on this very blog reminded me it would be a good idea. It is pretty basic but I think it does the job.

We NEVER Use Yodel - Guaranteed (300x255)

If you have a business website and want to advertise the fact that you care for your customers by not using a terrible delivery company, feel free to use this badge on your site. It’s completely free to use and no acknowledgement is necessary. If you are still using Yodel for deliveries then you might want to do a quick web search for ‘Yodel reviews’ and follow the likes of John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare by dropping them like a stone – then you can use my lovely badge too.

We NEVER Use Yodel - Guaranteed (150x128)Here is a resized version (150 pixels by 128 pixels) for those who don’t have the facilities to do it themselves. Just right click on either version and choose “Save Image As…”, “Save Picture As…” or your Web browsers equivalent to store the image for use later.

(NOTE: The ‘We NEVER Use Yodel – Guaranteed‘ badge is all my own work. You may use it on any website which does not use Yodel as a delivery company completely free of charge and without the need to acknowledge its origins).

If anyone wants a different sized version, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate. If anyone wants to have a go at doing a better one, please feel free and post a link in the comments. I would love to see them.

John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare Stop Using Yodel – Amazon Next?

It’s fantastic news when companies listen to their customer’s concerns and do something about it. John Lewis at the end of 2011, and now Matalan and Mothercare in August 2012, have done just that and stopped using Yodel! After 5000 Amazon customers have complained to them about Yodel, surely they will do that same?

The Guardian have published an article online about people voicing their complaints to Amazon about their continued use of Yodel to deliver parcels. It acknowledges that by using the company it really can affect a businesses reputation.

The full story along with some more horror stories from customers can be found here:

I especially like the reply from Yodel to a complaint about an item which their system said had been delivered, but hadn’t. It started with, “Hi Joe. I am not best pleased to have to tell you that unfortunately the driver has explained that your parcel was left in a bush, which was covered with bins…”. Brilliant.

Don’t Like What Your Customers Say? – Get the Lawyers Involved!

Yodel have apparently seen customers comments about their service on Twitter and according to ‘The Wall’ blog, set the lawyers on them!

It would appear they don’t want people telling others about their experiences with Yodel deliveries in social media sites and asked for several postings and accounts to be removed from Twitter. Sadly, even though I would class these personal Tweets as ‘opinion’ and examples of personal experience, it looks like Twitter have caved and removed some of the posts and accounts. Shame.

Yodel Law

The letter looks to have contained the following reason why the posts should be removed, which is worth looking at:

“the words posted convey incorrect statements regarding out Client, namely that it fails to fulfil its contractual duties,” – see Note1“it is incompetent and negligent” – see Note2“and it has committed illegal acts.” – see Note3.

  • Note1 – If a courier company is paid to take a parcel from one place to another and they fail to do that, I would say this constitutes a breach of contract… or in other words the company has failed in its ‘contractual duties’.
  • Note2 – If that company has been given many parcels to be delivered and they lose them (especially if that includes things the size of a washing machine or bicycle) they could be classed as ‘incompetent’, and if they throw parcels over 7 foot fences, leave them in bins, allow or cause parcels to become damaged while being delivered, I would be tempted to call that ‘negligent’.
  • Note3 – Lying about the delivery of an item i.e. fraudulently saying something has been delivered when it hasn’t, or having employees which urinate in public view or steal from your customers (see other news stories) could be classed as committing  ‘illegal acts’.

I don’t see a problem with Tweets which contain those things. The full story is here:

So basically, rather than sort out their failings and build a good reputation, they would rather spend their time and money trying to cover up their bad reputation. Interesting business model, Yodel. Let’s see if it works. 😉