John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare Stop Using Yodel – Amazon Next?

It’s fantastic news when companies listen to their customer’s concerns and do something about it. John Lewis at the end of 2011, and now Matalan and Mothercare in August 2012, have done just that and stopped using Yodel! After 5000 Amazon customers have complained to them about Yodel, surely they will do that same?

The Guardian have published an article online about people voicing their complaints to Amazon about their continued use of Yodel to deliver parcels. It acknowledges that by using the company it really can affect a businesses reputation.

The full story along with some more horror stories from customers can be found here:

I especially like the reply from Yodel to a complaint about an item which their system said had been delivered, but hadn’t. It started with, “Hi Joe. I am not best pleased to have to tell you that unfortunately the driver has explained that your parcel was left in a bush, which was covered with bins…”. Brilliant.


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One Response to John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare Stop Using Yodel – Amazon Next?

  1. Gary Mellor says:

    Not sure where to post this but Yodel are used by Infusion Art ( I ordered over £300 of artwork and the idiots at Yodel left it in the wet and damp in full view of the street. The boxes were clearly marked fragile yet one had a huge hole in the side of it. I raised this with Infusion Art (who I had previously found to be excellent) and they have ignored me. DO. NOT. USE!

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