Do You Use Yodel? Then You Won’t Get My Business

I got really annoyed a while ago by businesses not disclosing who they will use to deliver my online purchases. I sincerely believe it is because they know many customers will shop elsewhere if they discover that they use Yodel to deliver their goods – and rightly so.

I decided it might be useful to create a badge which any Website can use to show their potential customers that their packages WILL NOT be couriered by Yodel (and I use the term ‘couriered’ – not ‘delivered’). I’d forgotten all about it until a comment from Jayk on this very blog reminded me it would be a good idea. It is pretty basic but I think it does the job.

We NEVER Use Yodel - Guaranteed (300x255)

If you have a business website and want to advertise the fact that you care for your customers by not using a terrible delivery company, feel free to use this badge on your site. It’s completely free to use and no acknowledgement is necessary. If you are still using Yodel for deliveries then you might want to do a quick web search for ‘Yodel reviews’ and follow the likes of John Lewis, Matalan and Mothercare by dropping them like a stone – then you can use my lovely badge too.

We NEVER Use Yodel - Guaranteed (150x128)Here is a resized version (150 pixels by 128 pixels) for those who don’t have the facilities to do it themselves. Just right click on either version and choose “Save Image As…”, “Save Picture As…” or your Web browsers equivalent to store the image for use later.

(NOTE: The ‘We NEVER Use Yodel – Guaranteed‘ badge is all my own work. You may use it on any website which does not use Yodel as a delivery company completely free of charge and without the need to acknowledge its origins).

If anyone wants a different sized version, please ask and I will do my best to accommodate. If anyone wants to have a go at doing a better one, please feel free and post a link in the comments. I would love to see them.

About FrankZ
A consumer who is fed up of poor service and excuses.

2 Responses to Do You Use Yodel? Then You Won’t Get My Business

  1. M de Martigny says:

    I could not agree more my experiences with HDNL/Yodel are without exception dreadful, basically they keep lobbing parcels to 7 when I live at 5 and all parcels clearly labelled.
    Did not realise Amazon use them until this week when another situation arises.
    I really think companies should be obliged to come clean as to which courier they use and then it will be easy to avoid.

  2. Martin says:

    I ordered a Christmas present through amazon for my mum, I waited home for delivery and tracked it from the warehouse and apparently to my door. This however is a blatant lie, the item was never delivered and a missed delivery slip was not put through the door.

    The contact numbers are useless and I haven’t been able to talk to anyone.

    This company is a sham and a bunch of liars.

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