Yodel Driver Jailed for Fake Kidnapping & Stealing Over 200 Parcels

A Yodel delivery driver faked his own kidnapping in order to steal 205 parcels from his van. What makes this even worse is that this was in the run up to Christmas so many where most likely presents and gifts.

Yodel Thief23 year old Mark Pennington wasted 100 hours of police time, and that of an ambulance which was called to the scene, as well as taking an officers time away from a rape case and keeping the only dog handler in the area busy looking for two fictitious thieves. He was jailed for 32 weeks.

It was estimated that he and an accomplice stole around £13,000 worth of parcels before he crumbled under questioning and admitted to the police that he made the whole thing up. Only about 100 of the 205 parcels contents were identified, which also begs the question – how come Yodel weren’t able to tell where the other parcels came from in order to find out what their contents were? Is their tracking that bad?

We are used to Yodel delivery drivers making up fake tales of delivering parcels, but this was a whopper! The full story is in the Chorley Guardian.


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2 Responses to Yodel Driver Jailed for Fake Kidnapping & Stealing Over 200 Parcels

  1. HDIUK says:

    any online company who use Yodel to deliver thier customers orders are making the biggest mistake ever. We use UPS and realized long ago that the extra we pay for reliability is a massive saving on what it would cost us in lost stock and ultimaely negative feedback. You buy cheap you pay twice. Yodel are a disgrace.

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