It’s Official – Yodel ARE the Worst Parcel Delivery Firm

In January, Money Saving Expert posted the results of it’s own poll where the public could rate delivery companies. Over 7,560 users of the site voted and guess who came out worst by more than double the votes of their closest rival?

That’s right – Yodel, with 71% of people saying they had a ‘Bad‘ experience with them. The closest rival was Hermes scoring 30%. At least Hermes also had 38% of people saying they had a ‘Good’ experience using them, compared to Yodel’s abysmal 12%.

The full results are available here:


You Can’t Quit – Yodel Won’t Let You!

Here is a story I missed from the end of last year…

Danielle Clarke took a job just before Christmas at Yodel to try and earn some extra money to buy gifts for her children. But when Yodel decided they wouldn’t be paying her fortnightly (as originally agreed) Danielle could not afford the petrol to keep the courier job going, so she quit.

BoxesYou would think that would be the end of it, but no. Yodel kept dumping parcels on her! 250 of them piled up in her house, many of them Christmas gifts people had ordered and been waiting weeks to be delivered.

Eventually, after The Sun published an article about it, Yodel have agreed to pay Danielle what she is owed and send someone round to pick up the parcels. What are the chances they left a card through her door and ran?!

The full story is available here: