It’s Official – Yodel ARE the Worst Parcel Delivery Firm

In January, Money Saving Expert posted the results of it’s own poll where the public could rate delivery companies. Over 7,560 users of the site voted and guess who came out worst by more than double the votes of their closest rival?

That’s right – Yodel, with 71% of people saying they had a ‘Bad‘ experience with them. The closest rival was Hermes scoring 30%. At least Hermes also had 38% of people saying they had a ‘Good’ experience using them, compared to Yodel’s abysmal 12%.

The full results are available here:


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4 Responses to It’s Official – Yodel ARE the Worst Parcel Delivery Firm

  1. Dimi says:

    I CONFIRM MILLION PERCENT Yodel (HDNL) and other known names like Collect+ are the worst.

    Vote to close them forever. Save the nation.

  2. yodel owner driver says:

    I work for HDNL (Yodel) as a self employed driver and I would suggest that people never use or work for them .

    There a few good couriers/owner drivers, but for the most part they employ people who do not give a damn about the customers. They pay the owner/self employed drivers a soul destroying low rate that no decent drivers want to work there.

    I, like some of the other good drivers, work there part time as the pay is low and have to take on a second job. I would rather work full time but they generally pay 50p per parcel, you will get a few 80p-90p parcels, but mainly the low rate. You also have to pay for your petrol and upkeep of the vehicle, if you do not own your own vehicle you have to rent one. They do not give you a uniform but you can purchase one from them. They also do not check if any of the drivers have the correct insurance, so most do not get it and my training lasted under 10 mins, I got trained by other drivers and common sense.

    Parcels get delivered to the drop off point already bashed and battered in some cases, we then have the look at the faces of the customers while they assume its us that did it. After all of the above I still do my job correctly. It shouldn’t matter how much you hate your job, you should do your job properly. But most drivers will open parcels with a stanley knife, take out what they want and seal back up or just blatantly steal the package and say they left if safe. I’ve seen people kick parcel that have “fragile” on them, I’ve seen plants which need to be positioned upright chucked in sideways where all the water and dirt has leaked. I have heard managers say ” they(yodel) think owner drivers are a pile of s%*t and can replace you in a day, they don’t give a f%*k if you complain about the conditions, they’ll just ask you to leave”

    I feel for anyone who has to call the 0800 number. The information is mostly made up and just a fob off to get you off the phone in hope that the problem will just go away. I have booked days off to spend with my family and customers services have given out my phone number, home and mobile to angry customers who are waiting for their package and I have to explain I havent been work as I am leave, they are baffled as they finally think they have the drivers number and then told “I’m sorry I’m not in work today”

    I am hopefully leaving there very soon. The company is slowly declining as they have shut a number depots in my area and are now all going from a central point.

    I will be pleased to confirm what a bunch of cowboys to anyone who has to comment on this, weather you are an employee or customer. Yodel haven’t given my a payslip for over 4 months, nor have they paid a colleague of mine a large amount of overtime which he did Christmas gone.

  3. Alan says:

    It seems like yodel don’t care about their delivery drivers and as result it’s effecting their busines and most importantly the customers.

  4. Paul says:

    A nightmare to work for,you have to chase them for money owed to you. Anyone contemplating
    doing this as a full time job should run a mile.

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