Worst Delivery Company for Second Year Running? Yes, it’s Yodel!

Sorry for the huge delay in posting this, but the MoneySavingExpert.com annual delivery service survey once again rated Yodel as the worst of the bunch last year.


9,000 website users responded to the survey, with a massive 58% of Yodel customers saying they had a BAD experience. Hey – it’s not quite as bad as the previous year where 71% of customers rated them as BAD.

Martin Lewis who founded the site makes an excellent point that most customers of online retailers have no choice over who they use for delivery. “It’s time we put pressure on retailers to stop inflicting this type of delivery on us. Any customer who has an abominable delivery service should complain to the retailer and ask them to justify why they use firms with such dire reputations. Ultimately though, until we vote with our pockets and stop using firms that employ poor delivery agencies, that won’t happen.”

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/jan/10/yodel-worst-parcel-delivery


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4 Responses to Worst Delivery Company for Second Year Running? Yes, it’s Yodel!

  1. Mike says:

    Well ive been caught at least three times by Yodel today being the latest 3rd March 2015. They lie, they say they left a card but didnt after having my parcel for 2 days. Amazon seem to have thier heads up thier backsides as the ammount of complaints seems to be in the thousands. Dont use Yodel they are useless

  2. Mark says:

    No firm in their right mind would touch Yodel with a barge pole. If any business was guaranteed to destroy your reputation and profits it has to be that one. As far as parcel delivery is concerned they represent the biggest threat to a safe delivery on time imaginable. Always check who is using them and if they are then buy somewhere else. Your goods will end up either lost, damaged, delivered to the wrong place, returned or whatever and you will spend countless hours waiting for things that never arrive when they should. Then you will have to deal with the special ‘Yodel porkie pies department’. The word ‘nightmare’ is not too strong.

  3. Eddie Mears says:

    I have bought goods from firms that use Yodel but not knowing the fact, including something purchased from Ebuyer that I needed urgently for a job for which I had arranged to hire a technician to work on Sunday. I payed considerably extra for Saturday delivery and on checking the tracking on the Yodel website there was just a cursory note saying that it had been delayed. It is virtually impossible to contact them and you have no chance on a weekend. I have had so many problems with this courier, including my package being delivered to an address in Cardiff instead of to me in London. On another occasion, the company told me that they were unable to deliver because there was nobody at home when I know, forcertain, that was not true. When I pointed this out they said that their driver would prove it because he had taken a timed photo of my front door. I asked them to produce it and, of course, they never did. Todays debacle was the last straw. I buy a lot of goods online for my business and before I agree to buy anything else in this way, I will ask if Yodel is involved and if the answer is affirmative, I will simply go elsewhere.

  4. Tye Campbell says:

    3 items bought online and 3 damaged items received! How can they still trade? Why are people still using them. I’m afraid to shop online for the simple reason that the item could be sent via Yodel (after they’ve played football with it).

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