Have you had a bad experience with Home Delivery Network? You are not alone.

Are you considering using them to deliver your parcels? If you care for your customers, please think again.

There are many online review sites, forums and blogs reporting peoples experiences with HDNL. They are almost uniformly bad. Most of the good reports seem to be from employees, which is sad. This site is about my experience with them.

Home Delivery Network have been investigated by BBC Watchdog due to the number of complaints they have received. They always seem to reply with figures concerning how many parcels they deliver and their ‘low’ number of complaints in comparison. Lets do some maths ourselves shall we? They seem to suggest that they deliver between 300,000 and 500,000 parcels a day. A forum posting by an employee of theirs suggests that only 0.1% of deliveries result in a complaint. On the surface that sounds great… until you work out how many complaints that really is. As a group, the parent company of HDNL claim to deliver over 200 million parcels per year which would equate to roughly 200,000 complaints a year! And this is purely the official complaints they receive – I am sure there are many, many more people who haven’t bothered lodging a complaint even though their parcels are late, damaged, left on door steps, thrown over fences, etc.
A figure from one of their subsidiaries who they deliver for (Littlewoods) quotes a complaint rate of 0.01% which would still be 20,000 complaints per year.

I have now stopped purchasing from any company who would send my order using Home Delivery Network unless they can send it using an alternative service.

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